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Why Choose The Abraham Team?


The Abraham Team has an expansive skill-set in real estate, construction, home improvement, business and risk management. To best serve you, we combine this expertise to not only help you achieve your heart’s desires, but to do so in the most efficient and quickest way possible. We have a proven track record in successfully closing deals with our most motivated clients in less than 30 days!

100% Customer Focus & Satisfaction are our Driving Force. How you may ask? We care for our clients before and BEYOND the closing table. We want to help lessen the stress that transporting items from one place to another may cause. The Abraham Team offers our clients who close, FREE access to our box truck. The truck serves as a gesture of our appreciation to you, our customer. Please click here for more details about this service. Along with free access to our moving vehicles, we also provide our clients with complimentary home improvement consultations, notary public services and home insurance quotation reviews.

Let us help you, for we are willing and ready to serve ALL of your real estate service needs.




Samuel’s main goal is to give you the best service possible! His years of experience in real estate will serve as a great resource to you and your family when it comes to either buying and/or selling your home or property. Samuel started his career in Real Estate as a senior manager for one of the major home improvement retailers, right here in Central Florida. As the assistant store manager of this massive big-box chain, Sam has dealt with homeowners on both sides of real estate transactions, sellers and buyers. Sellers want to know how to improve their properties, and buyers want to know how to make their recent investments even better. Sam always has the answer for both. As our clients walk through their property or potential home, Samuel is able to point out quick upgrades or improvements that will help make the property stand out. Another perk, clients are also provided with the most up-to-date information on renovation costs, based on the suggestions given.

For Buyers? Samuel will take the time to listen to all your real estate needs and then provide you with suitable options as they come to market.

For Sellers? Samuel will offer suggestions in order to maximize your home's curb appeal & interior feel.

When working with Sam, you will enter into a personal, fun & satisfying relationship with an experienced, knowledgeable professional, who truly cares that you make the right choices. Why? So that you are confident in knowing that you are ready to make the right moves.

Why did Mr. Abraham form a team? One of the concepts I learned while I was earning my Bachelor degree in Business Administration, is the art of duplication. With the idea of duplication, an individual is able to free up his/her own time in order to assist the growing demand of more clients. Throughout the years, I have fostered a level of superior service that I dared not risk in order to accommodate more business. With that in mind, it only made sense to create a team of efficient, attentive and elite individuals who would continue to build upon the foundation that I began.
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Frantz epitomizes integrity, compassion, energy and hard work in every detail of your real estate transaction. He is passionate about the needs and goals of his clients, and specializes in bringing peace of mind to the transaction because he understands that it is more than a transaction. From the initial contact to the closing table, he and The Abraham team are committed to making sure their clients understand the process and are confident in their decision.

After earning his Business Management Degree with a concentration in Human Resources & Psychology from Johnson & Wales University, Frantz landed a job with a leading property insurance provider as a Catastrophe Property Adjuster. He attributes much of his structural product knowledge to his time with the insurance firm. Through his professional training and coaching by some of the industries finest and his own gained experience, Frantz plays an integral role in providing exceptional service to those he serves.  

When he is not servicing his clients, Frantz can be found teaching and mentoring youth in the Central Florida area. He is a family man and is motivated by his Faith, wife and amazing children. In his spare time, he serves in his local community, loves to travel and explore the Beautiful City of Orlando.   

Why Did Frantz Join the Team? “Inspiring to grow and expand on my experience in this [real estate] industry, it was a no-brainer that I would want to be on the same team as my mentor, Sam, who has assisted me on several real estate transactions. I knew that with this market back on the rise, it would be befitting to my career to join a trend-setting, talented & diverse team…so I chose The Abraham Team.” 

Allow Frantz Lumaine, with The Abraham Team, help you achieve your heart’s desires. We are here to serve you & your real estate goals!

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Ms. Leontyne "Lee" James, MBA

Due to being an independent student with very little financial support from her family, Ms. Leontyne “Lee” James worked 2-3 jobs all year round, for four years, in order to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management. She is also the first & only person in her family to earn a Master’s degree in Business Administration, which was achieved within two years while working full-time, and was able to successfully graduate with an above 3.0+ GPA. When her Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm job suddenly required that she needed to work the graveyard shift, marked the turning point when Lee decided she was going to become her own boss. With God’s grace & strength, she attended real estate school, each day from 8a-5p, immediately after her work shift ended.

Why does Ms. Lee like to share these testimonies? Although grateful, it is NOT to show off her credentials. She shares so that her clients know that she will exemplify that same vigor God has given her, to help her clients accomplish their residential and/or commercial real estate goals. In fact, Lee’s first closing was done in less than 30 days, starting from the day of negotiations, with a young couple expecting their first child, who were also first time homeowners!

Ms. Lee has made a high level commitment to her continual real estate education by joining forces with the realtor who helped her purchase her first home, Samuel Abraham, “one of Central Florida’s top 5% realtors who provides the best service & advice”, as quoted by the magazine Orlando Style. Lee was so impressed with Sam’s plethora of knowledge and charismatic personality, that she was eager to learn from one of the best in the industry. Why? Ms. Lee explains “I joined forces with The Abraham Team in order to better assist others in accomplishing their dreams. I want to provide that same driven, customer focused attention that was bestowed towards me, so that my clients know that I am there for them…now & beyond the closing table.

Allow Ms. Lee, with The Abraham Team, help you achieve your heart’s desires. We are here to serve you & your real estate goals!

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